Amateur Radio Operating and Related Information

  • Propagation. (links to

Some Common Electrical \ Electronic Mathematical Formulas

Electrical & Electronic Concepts



  • Wire (links to
  • Transmission Lines (links to
  • Resistors (links to
  • Capacitors (links to
  • Inductors (links to
  • Semiconductor Background (links to
  • Semiconductors (links to
  • Diodes (links to


  • Oscillators (links to

Impedance, Admittance, Conductance, Susceptance

Circuit Building Blocks

  • Filters (links to - All about electrical filter circuits, low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and notch filters. Normalisation of capacitor and inductor values for standard filter designs.
  • The T-Type Attenuator (links to - About the T-Type attenuator with circuit diagram and explanation, derivation of formulas, input and output impedance and attenuation in decibels, voltage and power fractions.

Power Supplies


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