A picture of the PTT MOX Box in the users hand. (links to http://www.mw0llo.com/images/inhand.jpg)

After purchasing some Heil headphones, I was keen to use them on air. The headphone's adapter lead for my FT-950 includes a 1/4 inch jack socket to plug in a push-to-talk (PTT) switch, but I had not purchased this. Having got used to the PTT switch on the microphone supplied with my FT-950, I quickly wanted to provide something similar to use with the headphones. Also, the MKARS80 kit which I have built needs a PTT switch.

View Inside the PTT MOX Box. (links to http://www.mw0llo.com/images/inside.jpg)

A quick check of the component box lead to this very small project which is just a box with two switches wired in parallel. One of them (the red one) is a latching push switch which is used to duplicate the "MOX" switch on the FT-950. I am guessing that MOX is a shorthand form of manually operated transmission. This switch is handy for long overs, when keeping a button pressed is inconvenient.

The other switch (the black one) is a momentary push switch which acts as a PTT switch. This is useful for very short overs. The case is a fairly expensive diecast aluminium type, which might seem extravagant, but the box will hopefully see a fair bit of use so I think it is appropriate to use something that is comfortable to hold and durable despite the cost.

In use I find that the box either sits on may lap whilst I operate the electronic log, or in my hand on longer overs.

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