Personal Websites

Amateur Radio and Related Organisations

Logging Software

  • Logger32 (links to
  • SD (links to


  • Sandpiper (links to

AMUs, Power Meters

  • Palstar (links to

Linear Amplifiers

Electronic Components


Amateur Radio Clubs


SSTV Software

  • MMSSTV (links to This links to a page by JE3HHT - Makoto Mori.

Operating Related Sites

  • (links to Many licensed amateurs have station details in here.
  • (links to Many licensed amateurs exchange electronic QSLs here.

Also Of Interest...

The following links are from many a lengthy conversation with John, GW0OAJ. They are in no particular order, much like our conversations. It's not only radio that interests us. Thanks John !

Spectrum Analysers


Amateur Astronomy

Homebrew Valves and Glassworking


High Voltage

Induction Heating


Low Frequency

Racal Equipment

Navigation and Avionics

Digital Modes Radio

General SWL Info


Metal Work

  • Homebrew Spot Welder (links to
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