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Q: What is MW0LLO.COM?

A: a non-commercial website created by Christopher Hill, callsign MW0LLO, an amateur radio and electronics enthusiast based in the city of Newport, South Wales, UK.


Electronics has interested me since my childhood, ever since my grandparents bought me one of the Tandy "30-in-one" electronics and radio kits. Lots of the simple electronic circuits with LEDs, resistors (links to, capacitors (links to, transistors and simple logic gates were easy even for a child to get to grips with, but the hobby of amateur radio seemed a bit more mysterious and difficult to understand.

Amateur Radio

Later in life, I've decided to continue learning more about electronics, amateur radio, and communication by becoming a licenced radio amateur. With the knowledge I had of electronics and with the help of local amateur radio club members, I've got through the exams necessary for my current amateur radio licence and callsign mw0llo. My initial fears of meeting new people within the hobby were unfounded, as I have found amateur radio enthusiasts friendly and approachable. I would encourage anyone with even a small interest to attend their local amateur radio club. There's nothing to lose! Hopefully I can find a way to return the favours to all those that have helped.

I probably won't do the hobby justice as a promoter, so if you want to know more about amateur radio in the UK, visit the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) website (links to Other links are available on my links (links to page.

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